Yuima Nakazato Spring 2011 TFW

Presenting his first menswear collection at tokyo fashion week, yuima nakazato was inspired by sci-fi movies and showed a new gender wearer who represents the human evolution. 
Looking far into the future, where every element such as gender, culture, nature and human, machine or animal and human would be borderless, the collection explores symbolic items borrowed from womenswear such as corsets, dresses and skirts, along with impressive glam rock platform boots. The materials are technological, from hologram film to metal, acrylic or silicon. In this highly theatrical and futuristic collection, masculine colours and materials live together with feminine and sculptural shapes. WE LOVE THE SHOES! DRAMA DRAMA DRAMA!

You may also recognize his work from the following costumes he designed for both LADY GA GA and the Black Eyed Peas Fergie!

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