*Exclusive* with Designer "Konrad Parol"

We are very pleased to present Designer & Friend Konrad Parol in an exclusive interview where he shares his thoughts and 'Look Book'.

Konrad Parol: "I'm glad that there is a blog like Mens Memoir, because it is the only opportunity to presented myself to the people of the Middle East. I am very pleased that so responsive to innovations in the fashion world, and you are interested in Avant-Garde fashion that is not in the mainstream of fashion".

Q1) when did you start designing?

my adventure with the design started in high school art. searching for my own development paths and realized that in fashion I want to terminate the most.

Q2) what was your inspiration for your EMBER collection?

It was a novel by HG Wells "The Time Machine". Vision of the future shown in the violent and atavistic way, highlighting the most animal characteristics.

Q3) what is your common denominator between this collection and your previous one?

The common denominator between the two collections this EMBER and my previous REBELS is a novel by HG Wells "The Time Machine". Last time I portrayed a master race, this time in EMBER portrayed the race of slaves, who live underground.
These are strong and proud people,this collection is more severe and harsh than the last.

Q4) what kind of fabric do you use ?

Fabrics are mainly what I used natural cotton, lurex, foam, neoprene, mesh and Plexiglas.

Q5) you wanted to emphasize something in your collection, what was it?

In this collection I wanted to stress the masculine silhouette, to show strength, the beauty of the human body.

Q6) What is your next step?

I will continue to further my vision of mode, I hope to show the next collection few female figures in a style firmly rooted to date showed. with each successive step, the more I'm going to mark my presence in the market at the end to reach the top

Designer Konrad Parol

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  1. Ooo, I'd love to see some womenswear from Konrad, but I'd happily wear his brilliant menswear until then...


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