Swarovski Men's Club A/W 2011 *Exclusive*

Mens Memoir takes you to Milan with Swarovski Elements where we give you an exclusive look at there fist Men's Club event for the A/W 2011.

Every man can have a crystallized lifestyle, no matter his style inclinations. Swarovski Elements breaks new fashion grounds, asserting, as it has done for the past 115 years, values of artistry and flair.

Swarovski asked sixteen hi-end menswear brands to create complete outfits or accessory.
The star-studded list stretches from authentic pillars of Italian classicism such as Brioni, Salvatore Ferragamo, Ermenegildo Zegna, Piombo and Borsalino to respected fashion authorities such as Giorgio Armani with his Emporio Armani line, Gianfranco Ferre and
Dior Homme; seasoned houses like Bally, Pringle of Scotland, Boss Selection and idiosyncratic tastemakers such as Roberto Cavalli and Marni, up and coming talents like Max Kibardin,
Umit Benan and innovative bike brand Abici.

The Bike is Abici

The bag and shoes Bally

on the left Umit Benan, right Dior Homme

left Top Hat by Borsalino

Suit by Boss selection

All of the fantastic shoes are by Salvatore Ferragamo

Shirt by Ermenegildo Zegna

Suit by Ermenegildo Zegna

Suit Roberto Cavalli

Polo-shirt & Sweater by Pringle of Scotland

Middle suit by Emporio Armani, Right suit & shoes by Marni

Suit by Gianfranco Ferre

Tommaso Aquilano, Tariq Edrees,Roberto Rimondi

I have had a fantastic time at this fashionable Men's Club, to see that all of the high-end fashion designers pushing the limit in fashion for men just makes me shiver with excitement.
We will be posting the video very soon.

All Photos are by Mens Memoir



Objets HERMES spring/summer 2011 brings us a wide selection from Belts, Gloves, Hats, Boot's, Shoes,Sandals, Bags and Carre 'Scarfs'.

My self Tariq Edrees was one of the faces for the HERMES project "I Love My Scarf" in Dubai.

HERMES followed yours truly in a full day shoot, where I took the HERMES team for horse back riding.

Cuff Links in Lacquer comes in a wide range of colours to match the Men's Ready- to -wear collection.

Belt in Silk Belt -Tie or Tie-Belt Made of printed or woven silk to match the Men's Read-to- Wear Line

Belt in Gaucho Taurillon
Three bands of different coloured Gaucho sewn together with zigzag stitching give the belt absolute suppleness

Belt in Epsom Calfskin
A new addition to the DIY belts, this wide belt sports an over sized Clou de Paris buckle with a perma brass finish.

Driving Gloves in Glazed Lambskin and Etriviere Calfskin
The new driving glove supple and functional that fastens with a calfskin bracelet.

Hat in Fleurs D'indiennes Silk Carre
The abundantly vivid colours of the Carre breath new life in to this classic hat.

Hats in Cotton Poplin
A new version of a timeless model in a checkered fabric.

Cap in Cotton and Linen Denim
With its round, soft shape, this cap hugs the head perfectly.

Boot in Calfskin Suede This boot with its assertive personality dares cool mint green for a refreshing summer look.

Sports Shoes in Goatskin and Calfskin Suede sharp and svelte on its thin rubber sole, this shoe is all about lightness and comfort.

Boot in Etriviere Goatskin and Calfskin Suede This boot delicately combines supple and light

Sandal in Panama H Canvas and Etriviere Calfskin
This strapped asserts its equestrian roots with combination of calfskin bands

Ties in Silk Twill A narrow discreet and elegant tie for all occasions

Jean Tie in Cotton
Made of denim canvas, this unassuming tie id this season's nod to casual living.

Barda 35 Bag in Sikkim Calfskin
Very simple and roomy this messenger bag is a tribute to the equestrian world

Bolide Relax 47 Bag in Sikkim Calfskin
A reinterpretation of the Bolide for an unbelievably supple and ultra-lightweight holdall that's perfect for travel.

Victoria Elan 60 Suitcase in Grizzly Calfskin and Evergrain Calfskin
Thanks to this suitcase's new longer shape, clothe will travel in wrinkle- free style.

IPAD Station in Swift Calf Skin
Much more than a protective case, this smart portable iPad station features an extra thick top edge, which combined its wonderfully supple flap.

Le Boubou H Carre 70 in "Vintage" Silk Inspired by the "boubo", the traditional African tunic
this scarf offers the authentic touch. Designed by Karen Petrossian

Dip Dye Clic Clac Silk Twill Carre 90 This season, the Dip Dye Caree family is joined by the Clic Clac design cross-dyed in three colour range designed by Julia Abadie

Din Tini Ya Zue Silk Twill Carre 90
Brilliantly crafted by Otomi embroiderers from the state of Hidalgo Designed by Ezequiel Vicente Jose

Monsieur & Madame Carre in Cotton Jersey
Inspired by American T-shirts, this chine supple and relaxed cotton Designed by Bali Barret

Imprimeur Fou Carre H 140 in Silk and cotton
The extra-large format joins the men's silk collection with this 140cm carre

I just cant get enough of HERMES


Dries Van Noten Fall 2011

Dries Van Noten said of his latest collection "I wanted something glamorous without being feminine", so give us an elegant double-breasted camel blazer was paired with his version of motorcycle pants, unzipping from waist to ankle.

Unhinged elegance was also the theme of that oversize knitwear and the swaths of fur that defined coat lapels. But these flourishes also helped to emphasize the grandness of the clothes.

For more information visit: Dries Van Noten
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