Emporio Armani A/W 2010-11 *Exclusive*

'A Geometric Theorem' that is the name of this collection.

The Arabic commentary in the video
"Emporio Armani collection is an authentic statement of style, clear-cut and focused on a single target. It is based on the values of geometry and interpreted through a new graphic code that explores five essential symbols – the square, the triangle, the rectangle, the circle, and the rhombus – which are treated in tone on tone shades to add fluidity and weight to the fabrics.One symbolic colour runs through the whole collection – gray – a recurrent reference to the urban mood, the landscape of the big city".

Giorgio Armani has always observed the dynamic world of sport with passion and interest there for giving us the new Emporio Armani/Reebok and EA7/Reebok collaborations.

For more information visit: Emporio Armani

You may also visit or channel on YouTube

Video Produced By Tariq Edrees By CharismaTV production

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