Peace Movement by Toby!

Not so long ago, it came to our attention that the art director and founder of traditional thobe fashion house, designer Hatem Al Akeel for the renowned brand "Toby" came up with this amazing initiative. The Saudi Arabian designer came up with a concept of arm bands reading the word "PEACE". This took over the world with many personalities supporting the initiative to push peace in the Middle East following the terrible breakdown in GAZA. Here we are today, following the supporters including ourselves from "Mens Memoir".

The Band reading "PEACE"

Our Tariq Edrees

Mohammed and Princess Lulu Al Sabbah

Prince Kyril of Bulgaria

Mr. Ahmed Ashmawi Saudi Arabia/ Spain

Mr. Carlos Marrero O'Shanahan Spain

Andy Wong London England

Photographer Wadih El Najjar Dubai

Mr. David Asseily

Mr. Joe Pacetti USA

Visit: TOBY

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