Adel's Model Moment!

Hey Everyone, SO... Time for exclusive Mens Memoir blogging.
I have 2 mood boards this time...

The easy navy blue turtle neck topped with a brown jacket : Minimal turtle neck , High rise trousers but slim cut, not too slim , so that it covers the top of the bottines. Models shouldn't look stressed or stuck up, hence the leather jacket that makes it more ''RELAXING''. Enjoy the winter breeze.

If your size is M, then get an XL Uniqlo Tshirt, with a slim but not skinny black Levi's Jeans. It's all about the shoes , so go with Jil Sander boots because they are worth it. The heavy book and city map goes into a KrisVanAsche backpack. It's all about the accessories. Add the the haircut and the pout and you're all set for a model look.

Note that :

Similar bottines could be found at Rick Owens or Damir Doma. Turtlenecks can be found at Uniqlo or Prada.High rise trousers could be purchased at Maison Martin Margiela or Lanvin. Leather Jacket from Gucci Classics or Ann Demeulemeester.

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  1. Love that you suggest men's clothing from UNIQLO, too many fashion blogs only refer to high-end fashion that the majority of us can't afford. UNIQLO is one of my favourite stores with it's unique style and affordable prices. Good choice!


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