Rick Owens "Monastic couture"

Rick Owens label for Spring 2011 is called "Monastic Couture" where he brings us Long coats with a single button were lapel-less, tops streamed away to an asymmetrical point, emphasizing their aerodynamic quality.
What we like about Rick Owens is that he doesn't really care whether his clothes get worn or not, and that is the kind of attitude we like.

For more Info visit: Rick Owens

Comme des Garçons punk- goth S 2011

Comme des Garçons brings to us this Spring a dark but flirty approach to the season, the collection was boldly masculine yet wildly androgynous. Plenty of skull-print coats and pants; romper-stomper-ish shorts; thin-cut suits all in black and white.
Do you have the guts to stand out and make a statement this season!!
I know we will.

For more info visit: Comme des Garçons


Lanvin mix cheeky with elegance S 2011

Designer Lucas Ossendrijver does it again with his Spring line of 2011 brings us a Chic Knitted biker shorts, tank tops, spongy leggings, and futuristic sneaker/sandal hybrids added to the active spirit. Nothing is less expected from Lanvin.
We have had the pleasure in meeting the creative director Alber Elbaz in Paris we love him.

For more info visit: Lanvin


Charlie Chaplin By Galliano

Galliano can't do no wrong!! His latest collection spring 2011 was inspired by no other than the iconic Charlie Chaplin.
John Galliano craftsmanship is shown in the leather bombers and jackets as well as the newsboy caps.
There's a reason why Galliano remains one of the Designers of the Century, always manages to recreate Trends, Looks and keep us drooling for more...

For more Info visit: John Galliano
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