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Abdulla Khaifa Al Kaabi is a young 23 year old talented Emerati national who seems to be taking over the world by turning his long lost dream to become a movie and film director into a living reality. This amabitious young man filled with goals has not failed to surprise us at all with his well educated background and cultured mentality. Today at Mens Memoir, we bring you history in the making of a boy who becomes a man in the next couple of days. We manage to get hold of him 12 hours before he starts shooting his short film titled “The Philospher” starring the the great Jean Reno. And here is what he has to tell you and us.

1. Your 12 hours away from shooting your first short film, tell us in 5 words how you feel!

Excitement. Happy. Nauseous. Pregnant. Grateful.

2. What is the film mainly about?

I chose to adapt 'Baggio's Story' by Charlie Fish because of the personal message behind the story, which is, friendship is a valuable resource that one can have. Companionship, brotherhood and hospitality are some of the themes found in this story that also drove me towards it because they are qualities that are rooted in the Arab culture. When I read the story, I related to the characters and I knew I would enjoy painting the faces of Baggio and Leo into a script. In a world filled with seperating people based on their differences in class, age, sex, belief or race, I think it is important to showcase a story that speaks of the opposite and that encourages to overlook the differences when meeting someone new and look at that person for who he really is.

3. Can you tell us who is starring in your film?

Jean Reno (Starred in Leon the Professional with Natalie Portman) and Cyrille Thouvenin and another star but thats a surprise for now!

4. You are shooting this film in Paris, why not in your homeland the UAE? And is there a future in you filming in the UAE with big stars like you are currently?

I chose to shoot it in Paris because I want to make a statement that a film director from the Emirates is capable to direct a film that is of international standards with international stars and bring my perspective into the French cinema industry.

As soon as we wrap this film & I will work on my first feature film which will be produced by Oursin Films, shot between France and Dubai.

Abdulla and Mens Memoir Boys

5. When will we be able to see the film and where will it premiere? Are we invited?

It will be premiered as part of the selection in the Dubai International Film Festival 7th edition in December. Ofcourse you are invited and you know it!

6. What inspires you?

Paris. Cappolla. Kubrick. Human relations. Imagery and lighting.

(No Lady Ga Ga? We are disappointed)

Abdulla & Mohammed in Paris

7. Will there be a collaboration between hollywood and the middle east in your films in the future?

I plan to bring Dubai to the Academy Awards and to Cannes and all the film festivals around the world and be the first Arab to win an Oscar.

8. Who would you like to star in your next movie? (Male and Female)

I would love to have Bill Murray star in my film and as a female Marion Cotillard.

9. Any fashion involvement in your film?

The stylist of this film is Fabienne Josserand. She is credited for styling many of the commercials of the fashion houses around Paris.

10. Your sense of style in 5 words?

Classic, bohemian, preppy, casual and black.

11. Can you cast the boys from Mens Memoir in your next film?

Definately! Maybe Adel Jord? Let's see.

(Adel is not from Mens Memoir)

Abdulla & Tariq in Paris

12. What do you think of Mens Memoir?

It's the next biggest thing. I love you Mohammed and Tariq.

(We love you too Abdulla and Good luck on this amazing film)

Cut.. And thats a wrap!

Follow Abdulla on Twitter: Abdulla Khalifa Al Kaabi

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