Evian and ISSEY MIYAKE Exclusive

For the end of the year celebrations, evian® and ISSEY MIYAKE have designed a pure bottle, blooming with both optimism and freshness.

Sprung from Pleats Please, the famous pleating of the designer, an imaginary shimmering flower decorates the most essential source of life, symbol of youth, the natural mineral water evian®.

Thanks to this new pattern, evian® and ISSEY MIYAKE turn your end of the year tables into a field of flowers, full of poetry and humor.

This bottle will exist in two versions, one of them sold exclusively at Colette and on www.myevian.com

We have been collecting these bottles for a very long time, and we are so excited about this new one! Pure Genius, might we add that we are very grateful for the marketing team from Dubai that run the Middle East region who have been on board with us from day one and supported us. Thank you again Team Evian!

For more information please visit: www.myevian.com

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