Autumn Aftershaves

Here at Mens Memoir we Guide you to this season's scents we like to call,

"The new Aftershaves for Autumn"

Due to a very reliable sours we have picked the most scents that would work for us Men in Autumn, Comme Des Garcons, Brooks Brothers, Creed, Dolce & Gabana, Kenzo Homme, Bvlgari, Davidoff, and Ralph Lauren.

We have got most of this scents and we highly recommend you to get them too Autumn have never smelt Better.

Wonderwood By Commes Des Garcons

Black Fleece by Brooks Brothers

Creed Aventus By Creed

The One Gentleman By Dolce & Gabana

Woody Eau De Toilette By Kenzo Homme

Bvlgari MAN By Bvlgari

Champion By Davidoff

Big Pony Collection#1 By Ralph Lauren

Have fun be safe and smell Fantastic.

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