"Hell's Knuckle"

Seriously, how sick is this ring?
Every now and then, an accessory comes along that is just a master piece and Can't resist, its a must-have!

What am I talking about 'Alexander McQueen Ring'

This particular bauble--if you can even refer to it as such--is called the "Hell's Knuckle" a duster ring, made of gold brass. Not only is it the ultimate statement maker--wear it with a tanktop and jeans or a fitted tuxedo--but it's also from the last McQueen collection designed prior to the designer's unexpected death.
God Rest his Soul

Guess Who's got it?!
Tariq Edrees ;-)

For more information Visit: Alexander McQueen

1 comment:

  1. GOSH! The ring is just beautiful! Piece of ART! :-)


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