Ga Ga Gets Beefy for VOGUE HOMME JAPAN

She just cant fail to Surprise us anymore with these covers! Yet again Lady Ga Ga appears on the cover of VOGUE HOMME JAPAN second time in a RAW to cause another controversy shot by none other than the amazing Terry Richardson. Peta must really love her (Lets really hope she does not get in trouble. She is a smart girl and knows exactly what she is doing to get this reaction). We cant seem to get enough of this super star. Her first appearance was more light hearted with her looking like a man (which did shock a majority, where people thought she was a young and handsome looking boy). Here are some of the images of Her Excellency on both current and previous covers for the mens magazine!

The New Cover which we LOVE with the NAKED TRUTH

Previous controversy


Handsome boy indeed Mr. GA GA shot by Nick Knight on the previous issue (Black and White images)

Visit: www.hommes.vogue.co.jp and for the interview click here

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