Adidas "Fluid Trainer" Exclusive

Adidas proudly presents the new multi-purpose training shoe, the adidas "FLUID TRAINER" for men and women.

The FLUID TRAINER is a lightweight training shoe for men and women that offers 360° flexibility and freedom of movement for all training activities.

A new era of multi-purpose training shoes for Adidas and is available in 20 colour combination's for the female version and 14 different colours for the male model, which makes it easy to match them with the stylish cuts and elegant silhouettes of the Adidas training apparel collections or simply combine this most comfy shoe with your leisure wear on the street.

The super-lightweight multi-functional footwear concept has been developed to ensure the ultimate in full foot flexibility and freedom of motion through a unique soft technology and full-length cushioning system. The shoe has a completely seam-free upper for extra comfort and breathability and 3 different uppers for different workout needs.

Adidas global Fitness Trainer Marta Formoso says: “The FLUID TRAINER is perfect for my workout style! It’s so flexible and comfortable and lets me move without any limitation. It looks cool and I can choose the colour I want! “

We do agree with Marta on how comfortable they are as we have two pairs of that Fluid in our closet.

For more information visit: Adidas

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