Mens Memoir goes to Camden Market

This Market is one of my favorite place to shop for Vintage wear , leather goods, Accessories , hand made printed T-shirts and their (Food) .

I personally couldn't stop shopping at the Market, I came a cross a small shop around a corner that sells Printed T-shirts I love them so much I bought five pieces and I highly recommend them. while I was there I stumbled upon another shop that sells printed necklaces, these necklaces are made from Plastic each one of them has a print of a Vintage looking Cameras, Tapes, "Floppy Disk " also hand made.

Camden Market is a place that you must visit if you are in London and look for new or vintage things that you can stock your closet I know I am.

Below Tariq Edrees in the printed T-shirt and Printed Camera necklace.

For more info: Camden Market

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  1. Guys … I love that you are fascinated with Camden Town Market like I am … it’s so unique and I promise you if you buy something from there, chances that you will find someone wearing it in Dubai is almost nil. I’ve been in love with Camden for the last 10 years and when I used to live in London I chose to live next to it. But guys… please please please keep it HUSH lol … I really can’t stand the idea of this place turning into another Knightsbridge area full of Arabs... so far, very very few people know about it… keep it this way :***( … or we’ll just lose another great spot to chill … and by the way, Camden is one of the most popular areas of artists gathering… like Ami Winehouse who hangs in this small very old pub where she usually go for a drink and shooting some pool …

    Muna Al P


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