"7 Loewe" totally Sinful Scent!

We are so lucky to be the first to announce the new cologne for men by "Loewe" titled "7 Loewe".

Here is a brief from the Press office:

7 Loewe:

One number emerges redressed with a halo of magic and magnetism One number is always present, 7 lives, 7 seas, 7 sins, 7 virtues One number which represents contradiction One number that unites complimentary universes One number that symbolizes the hero. A hero of the 21st century, the man that encompasses the essence of the number 7


7 Loewe is a radically new challenge.

Dare to do what no one else has dared Play with only 7 elements to create a fragrance.

The mystery of incense, The strength of absolute pepper, The additive freshness of a red apple, The elegance of rose­muguet­neroli, The masculinity of cedar, The exclusivity of vetiver The sensuality of musk.

Create a pure, brave, passionate and complete fragrance

Out in beginning of September, keep an eye out to this promising fragrance which we will be using for sure.

For more information on "7 Loewe" Log onto: http://www.loewe.com

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