Here at Mens Memoirs we have searched for the perfect tailored Shirts and we came across
The Emperor 1688, Designed by three brothers Babak , Farhan and Haman Golkar.
This brotherly combination gives us very fine Tailored shirts made from Pure raw silks, delicate cottons, wools and it gets better by adding mother of pearl buttons that finishes each and every garment.

We know for a fact that if you put on one of there garments you will feel very luxurious and Unique.

The Golkar brothers " Our cuts make him feel like a prince on any occasion"

So if you want to feel like a prince or an Emperor get your hands on there garments I know we will. (check out the video here or on our channel on youtube )

For more Information visit: The Emperor 1688

Video Produced By Tariq Edrees By CharismaTV Production

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