I smell of Escentric Molecules (as everyone has been bugging me about my scent)

Prepare yourselves, fragrance adventurers! We’ve found a line so unusual and provocative we couldn’t help but bring it to you on a silver platter. How many times have you tried a perfume, only to find you love one aspect of it but not the others? If you could just take out a few notes, it would be your perfect personal scent? Escentric Molecules celebrates just one of the scented world’s most used base notes—the sweet, velvety sandalwood-like Iso E Super—and by doingso, puts forth a radically different proposition: building two scents around a single aroma chemical normally just used in small concentrations. It’s never been done before. Escentric Molecules is the product of perfumer Geza Schoen (who’s designed fragrances for Clive Christian, Bombay Sapphire and many others) and cutting-edge London companies ThisCompany and MeCompany.

Escentric Molecules 02
It’s exactly two years since Escentric 01 and Molecule 01 were launched on an unsuspecting world. Their creator Geza Schoen envisaged them as an intriguing new proposition in the world of fragrance: two scents introduced simultaneously as an homage to a single scent ingredient, or aroma-chemical. He was also keen to offer a clear-eyed riposte to the myths and flimflam of the fragrance industry. But Schoen – and his London-based collaborators ThisCompany and MeCompany – had no idea that his creations would instead weave their own intangible mystique, to the point where they have inspired an impassioned tribe of global devotees, from San Francisco to Sydney, Moscow to Manchester.

So here you have it, and for more info: http://www.escentric.com

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