Ga Ga Gareth Pugh

Recently We have turned to an extreme liking to the peculiar designer Gareth Pugh. Actually not just liking, but more like loving and stalking his every design down to the stitch. Not so long ago, this talented theatre costume designer use to run around "Hoxton Square" in East London where we would catch him at the "Boom Box" and "Pony Step" parties on Dirty Dirty Dancing and get a glimpse of his awkward style. Now he rules in one of the big fashion Capitals showing every season in Paris. Today, we show you Mohammed's latest Purchase, something to look forward to wearing this winter with a turtle neck sweater or with a shirt or even on its own.
The Item Purchased

As see on the catwalk (ABOVE)

Coming up next in our closet once found in the market

This item is also to make it in our closet

The coats are to die for if you think you will have a freezing winter.
We are getting some and some more
For more info log onto: http://www.garethpugh.net

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