Christopher Sherman and his BOW TIES BABY!

Just by coincidence, i came across these amazing cutting edge bow ties by Toronto Canada based Designer Christopher Sherman. I mean what an intellect, has made bow ties more fun to wear. Trust us we will be getting some and some more and guess what!?!? Now we know exactly what to get our gentlemen friends for Christmas and Eid. Don't you just love them? We sure do!

Editors Pick (ABOVE)

For more on these amazing pieces, log onto: http://www.christophershermanbowties.com


  1. Hey there! Check out this year's collection: http://theserovingeyes.blogspot.com/2010/07/sherms-and-i-thought-it-might-be-good.html

  2. Thanks Jason for your comment we will have a look for sure

    Thanks again :)


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