"John Isaac" Time Pieces

Whimsically decorated faces”.

 Combining the quality of a Rolex and a whimsical array of bold, bright hues, these fabulous hand-painted timepieces are designed by John Isaac, grandson of a renowned watch repairman in Geneva. After Isaac inherited the family atelier, he launched his eponymous line. Using old-world Swiss watchmaking techniques and kitsch decorated faces in a wide colour palette; these classic yet contemporary styles have become a firm favourite amongst Hollywood startles such as Gwyneth Paltrow, Natalie Portman and Sarah Jessica Parker. Go for high-fashion elegance with John Isaac’s art-adorned, quirky luxe timepieces.

Sadly i have not managed to find any websites on him, so if you come across anything please let us know. Nevertheless, you can purchase his watches from "Boutique1" online

Visit the website: http://www.boutique1.com

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