Naz Cannon makes us Nutz! *EXCLUSIVE*

Genius Emerati designer "Naz Cannon" never fails to surprise us EVER. This talented young man seems to turn everything he touches into gold with his creative imagination and the illusion of the fantasy you live in when you wear his clothes. Known for his technique with layering, almost takes us back into the time of the Roman Empire. Today he decided to share with "Mens Memoir" a sneak peak on what is to be expected from his upcoming collection. We cant help but be on edge to see what more can come from him. Gentlemen, wait no further we present to you, "Naz Cannon" the great and his resort and couture collection exclusive sneak preview. Dare to wear? yes we do.

Visit: Naz Cannon

1 comment:

  1. Amazing piece! we love MM, check this out for more updates and info http://nazcannon.blogspot.com/

    keep up the good work guys xx


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