Memoir of a Black Swan

A new interpretation of the timeless narrative of men & women , Amouage's newest Cinematic interlude challenging chronic of tension , flux and interconnectedness.

We have had the pleasure in interviewing the Creative Director of the perfume Mr, Christopher Chong where he talks to us about the components that crated this perfume.

Memoir Man: unmasks itself with a seductive green sensation of Mint pervading to an intoxicated journey of Absinthe and Wormwood, which opens the door to the underworld of self discovery. The fragrance continues to express the complexity and philosophy of the Black Swan with the intricate richness of sophisticated Vetiver.

Memoir Woman manifests with a spicy fusion of Absinthe to resonate the magical aura of the Black Swan. This transformation is enhanced by deconstructing the redolent Tuberose to its core and reassembling the note in a white floral accord with Lisylang and Orange Blossom.

you may watch our video here or on our YouTube channel .

Edited, produced,directed and presented by yours truly Tariq Edrees.

Wonder who inspired who!!

Christopher Chong & Tariq Edrees

For more information visit: Amouage

Video Produced By Tariq Edrees By CharismaTv Production

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