Arabian Wear "Thobe" *Exclusive*

We are proud to present to you a new upcoming Designer and Friend Omar Ashour .
Omar is a an Architect that started to venture in to the world of fashion by designing Saudi Arabian Thobes yet very much remaining true to the tradition of designing the Thobe his brand is called "Omar Azure".

His collection is portrayed in the simplicity, elegance, luxury and modernity of the designs and fabrics. Simple in design, aesthetic and proportions. Elegant and luxurious with a classic and timeless appeal, incorporating new materials such as fine voile and taffeta satin which adds a refined touch away from the ordinary. Subtly is the key to true luxury.

Pieces are designed with great focus on details, stitches and elements. The collection is simple yet bold and masculine. The details are what make the sum; new collars and cuffs implemented with great care, stitches disappear from the typical scenes and appear in others, and the application of new fabrics to the traditional Thobe.

Omar W. Ashour
Founder | Creative Director

Tariq Edrees in Omar Azure

For more information Visit: Omar Azure
or his page on Facebook

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  1. clean cuts .... bright future ...


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