Genius Gareth 2011 S/S PFW

We are amazed at the fantastic video clip made for the Gareth Pugh S/S 2011 collection show in paris which was on live streaming world wide for all his fantastic fans and followers. The Genius thought of a way to reach out to everyone stating "I would like to reach 3 million people including the 300 who are invited seasonally to view my shows in Paris". By collaborating with director Ruth Hogben with SHOWstudios, this clip was not but filled with a great production starring the amazing Kristen McMenamy from DNA models, Jonathan Baker (YES A MALE MODEL WAS IN THIS) from D1 Models to perform in this short video.

The inspiration behind this collections concept is this monogram

Gareth has done this once before to cut down on cost during the recession to show the world that he can show his talent in the most modest manner without throwing unnecessary finances when the world was at suffer.

The Herald Tribune reporter Suzy Menkes wrote an entire article about this concept of production and shows with how the fashion industry is becoming digitally intact by interviewing everyone who was involved behind the production. So without further or due, check out the mens fashion (YES MENS FASHION) below in these screen shots and click on the link to be taken to view the entire 11 minutes video.

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