Groom your self its 2011

Okay men now we know that we have been focusing on fashion and what to wear.
then we thought what about skincare !! so we did our research and have found the best Grooming creams for this year as GQ Magazine mentioned we will also give you a small tip on how you may take care of a bushy eye brow and getting those hairs out from where they don't belong.

Having a problem with pimple!! well Above is a lotion By Anthony Logistics for men contains salicylic acid witch causes all pimples too disappear.

Shaving after a hot bath is always good as the moisture will give you a lot of lubrication, and you'll have less traction on the skin. Above is an alternative you my use high-quality shave oil from Ren made with all-natural Tahitian Tamanu oil.

Shaving Gel, now we know that there is a wide selection of Gel's to shave with and some of them have a very strong scent to it. We have tried Baxter which has an easy-to-spread, unscented formula and the scent is not to overpowering.

After Shave is very important after a good shave you also don't need one that will burn the crap off your face try to get Sharps it's quick-drying, oil-free, and soothes your face with aloe and chamomile. Don't let the logo scare you its not for Animals hehehe :-)

We just cant get enough from this amazing brand Kiehl's. Now any dermatologist will ask you to wear sunscreen it helps in protecting you skin and minimize wrinkles, Fuel your skin up with Facial Fuel SPF 15.

Lips are very important you never know when will need to use them in our case we do use them often so try to keep them moist by using this Wax-based lip balm by Jack Black.

Some time we pay big bucks just to get a facial or to exfoliate our face and can leave your skin drier than normal. Here is a wash from Billy Jealousy witch is a scrubs that leaves your face with the perfect polish.

Eyebrow Maintenance

Okay men now here is the hard and uncomfortable part most men think that tweezing the eyebrows are made for women only well they are wrong. We are not asking you to give a very obvious shape to them you just need to have them trimmed and in place. Blow is a fast tip on how to maintain.

Check for strays: Brush your eyebrows toward your hairline with a toothbrush (one reserved for this purpose, obviously). With scissors, trim any hairs that are a lot longer than the others .

Thin them down: If your brows look a little bushy, you can thin them from the bottom carefully. Using tweezers, start in one corner and move horizontally, pulling adjacent hairs in the direction they grow until you've cleared out a line across.

Clear the way: If you do suffer from uni-brow action, pluck individual hairs from the center of the space between your eyebrows.

That wasn't too bad, Groom your self its 2011 all products has been used by us and we highly recommend them.

Happy Grooming ;-)

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