New York-based artist fashion impresario CHRISTOPHER LEE SAUVÉ is a momma’s boy. Whether he’s drawing inspiration from punk nuevo Brooklyn street kids, or his idol Andy Warhol, this Canadian-born designer always looks back to his mother for inspiration. “When I was a child, in the early 80’s, she would create her own over-sized, silk-screened, bold-graphic t-shirts,” recalls the artist from his Brooklyn studio, “she would cut and rip the neck and wear them as elegant evening dresses.

It was revolutionary.” Not content to wallow in her shadow, SAUVÉ recently burst onto the cultural landscape with his own line of t-shirts that have become controversial collector’s items after being embraced by THE NEW YORK TIMES, NEW YORK MAGAZINE, VOGUE, ELLE, PAPER MAGAZINE and PEREZ HILTON.

We are lucky to know this young man and we are proud owners of his tee's (as seen below on Mohammed) and we hear stories that he will be working with Dubai based t-shirt label "house of glaMO".

Mohammed in CLS
Mohammed in "Anna Maus" coming out this fall

For more information please logon here CHRISTOPHER LEE SAUVÉ

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